Hello, fellow students!

Feeling blue? Need some advice? Looking for a refreshing perspective? You’ve stumbled across the right blog!

My name’s Aqsa, and I’m a first year student studying Life Sciences here at our beautiful Mississauga campus. I’m here to talk a little about my first year experience so that we can bond together and take our transition challenges step by step!

A little about me: I consider myself a Jack of all Trades. I’m a scientist, an artist, a writer, a reader, an anime fan, a pianist, a teacher, a philosopher, and a huge tea fan! (There’s probably more hiding in there that I’m too lazy to write down). I’m also a sister, a daughter, a twin (she’s a lot cooler than me, trust me), and a learner. I love having conversations and debates, so it’s pretty hard to get me to stop talking–or in this case, writing.

I love providing advice and helping others find their identities, talents, and passions. I hope to accomplish this in my blog writing, and to help everyone see their university experience from a new perspective. When you’re provided with a new perspective, things change very quickly, always for the better. I also hope to be able to brighten your lowest days and bring a smile to your faces. Humour really is the best bonding tool, eh?

I hope your first year experience is a great one!

Aqsa Alam