Of Memes, Giggles, and Studying for Exams

With exams looming over us, honestly, sometimes you just need a good laugh.


In class on review day, things can get a little (or a lot) overwhelming.l.

And believe me, I love to laugh (and by laugh, I mean giggle awkwardly to myself on the bus while strangers give me sideways glances). I save every picture that tickles my funny bone and keep them for when I don’t have wifi and want to read something. This is just a dump of some of the best one’s I’ve saved, things that are very #relatable to our studying period right about now.

Now that the semester is ending, we’re all floating around with this mood:



It’s time to study! Trying to study for the test can be pretty difficult, especially when your bed has just been freshly made, and the blankets are warm, and you’ll just lie down for 5 more minutes…


When you try to study, it’s like you’re a graph trying to reach an asymptote: you keep trying to reach it, keep trying to approach the motivation, but it just…doesn’t…happen:28ac0118-efbe-4b56-9e00-d45167cfd798When you do study, you suddenly feel so productive and accomplished compared to what you were doing before:


Before you know it, it’s exam time! Admit it, we’ve all done this at least once during an exam (and I’ll embarrassingly admit I’ve done this too many times to count):


Finally, the exam is over! You run out of the exam room, feeling incredibly confident despite your strange study habits, but when you chat with your friends the dawning realization hits you:

Image result for when you're comparing answers meme

About a week later, you get your mark back! That feeling when you get a totally amazing mark on your test, and you just have to snap it to your friends:


And then when you finally see the results of multiple course marks and finish calculating your grade in every course, it’s an amazing feeling to see an improvement. But sometimes, there are two sides to the coin:


Here’s a bonus meme for giggles:


All joking aside: the exam period will be hard, but it will be worthwhile. Keep an open mind, take a breather, and don’t be afraid to laugh it off at the end. Good luck to all of you on your exams!



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