The Best Treats at UTM: What To Buy?

If you haven’t noticed yet, there’s been a not-so-mysterious reoccurring theme in my blogs. The theme in question?


I talk a lot about the importance of treating yourself. Whether that treat is after a bad test, a good studying session, or a fight with a friend, treats help you celebrate your achievements and comfort you when you’re feeling down.

Here’s a list of things I like to treat myself to, which vary depending on the situation:

Steeped Tea.

This I always treat myself to on long days, almost always my Tuesday (which is from 8AM to 6PM, a whopping 10 hours of school). As I’ve mentioned before, I get strange pressure headaches (which are actually migraines) when I’m at school too long. The steeped tea always helps alleviate a lot of the head pain almost immediately.

Not only that, but it’s creamy, delicious, and a simple delight!

Image result for tims roll up the rim 2017

If you win something, that’ll make your day even better!

How I take it: medium steeped tea with two cream and one milk.
Price: $1.60.
Location: Davis Tims, Davis Self-Serve Tims in the TFC, or Self-Serve Tims by CC1080

Bubble Tea.

This is always great for victories and celebrations. If I’ve won a debate (as I’m part of the debate league), I’ll sometimes mosey over to Chatime and grab a drink. If I’ve had a long two weeks of lab reports, tests, quizzes, and assignments, I’ll waltz in at the end of a Friday and order a sweet treat.

It’s also great for when you’re feeling incredibly stressed or overwhelmed. The sweet creaminess is enough to soothe a troubled soul. Stay away if you’re feeling sick or tired, though; the milk and sugar combination can usually cause a stomachache and make a sick day even worse.

Image result for chatime bubble tea

Such a selection of flavours!

How I take it:
I’ll usually order one of the following (all with tapioca and all regular because I can never finish a large, it makes me feel too sick after drinking too much):
Matcha red bean smoothie without red bean (my favourite!)
Taro milk tea (a classic!)
Roasted milk tea (the original bubble tea, with a roasted touch!)
Honeydew milk tea (a refreshing flavour!)
Price: Usually around $5.60 (including tax).
Location: Student Center

Miso Soup

This is for when I’m cold, craving salt, feeling stressed, and just need a little bit of hot soup to warm my tummy and make me feel cozy inside. On my most stressful day, when I legitimately cried because I had too much going on and a single comment from my TA threw off my day (it was strange because I hadn’t cried in months), the miso soup was there for me like a warm hug.

Image result for miso soup

Can’t you already feel your soul breathe a sigh of relief?

How I take it: …it’s just miso soup, it all comes in the same size.
Price: $2.10
Location: IB


Sometimes, you just want a little something nice, sweet, and buttery with your coffee, green tea, or other drink in the morning. This is especially if you’ve skipped out on breakfast and find your stomach grumbling before you can even begin your first class. My favourite thing to get at a time like this? A scone. Not just any scone, but a delicious, totally-not-nutritious blueberry scone from Second Cup. 

Soft on the inside, crispy on the outside, and with just the right amount of sugar and butter to make it melt in your mouth without being too sweet, their scones are the perfect thing to make your day a little nicer and your stomach a little happier if you’ve forgotten to eat breakfast.

Image result for second cup blueberry scone

I fell in love the moment I laid my unworthy eyes on this dense ball of blueberry, butter, and sugar.

How I take it: just ask for a blueberry scone.
Price: $2.35 per scone (without tax)
Location: Second Cup (IB or Kaneff)

These are just some of the delicious things I like to treat myself to. What are your favourite treats?




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