New Year, Old Me, with Determination and a Card Tower…

With a new year comes a new semester, and the time for some serious reflection.


Me having an existential crisis, a daily routine

All of the laziness and relaxing after the hectic first semester really got me to zone in on my strengths and my weaknesses. I had slacked so much that it felt like I was walking through a fog, or that there was fuzz in my brain. It made even simple tasks like basic math or simply paying attention incredibly difficult because I couldn’t bring myself to do anything.


Ah, Mob, I relate to you so hard.

There’s only so lazy you can be before you’re just tired of being lazy. Because of my restlessness, I was able to kick myself in the butt and force myself to self-reflect. First things first: I needed to determine whether my marks were where I wanted to be, and to figure out how to give my final semester the push it needed for me to succeed so I don’t end up drifting like I did in first semester.

My biggest resolution? ORGANIZATION.

Getting lab reports done earlier, sleeping earlier, doing quizzes as soon as I can, putting a date on my notes, using my highlighter more often, you name it, I never did it in first semester. As a result, though my marks were alright, it felt like I was failing every single course.

This semester, I have a million extra things in addition to all of my school work. I have 2 jobs, a possible position in a laboratory, debate league stuff, and a new assignment/reading-heavy course. All of this will force me to become more organized in order to stay on top of my game.

That being said, here are my plans to kick my own butt and get into gear:


    • If any of you have lab reports too, just…do me and yourself a favour and start them early. You will save your health, sleep, and sanity.
  2. Review math notes and do problem sets dutifully every week

  3. Redo chemistry lecture problems

  4. Use my break time wisely

Other (more fun) resolutions worth mentioning:

  • Catch up on Gintama

    • This series is like 300 episodes long, and I’m only on episode 143…still got a long way to go.
Related image

If you guys haven’t seen it yet, try it! It’s the silliest, weirdest humour you’ll ever encounter…ever.

  • Start a new anime series

    • You can never watch too much anime! Mob Psycho 100 was an amazing, amazing run and I want more like that.
    • (If you have suggestions, please comment with them!)
  • Draw more

    • A sweet friend of mine gave me a lovely sketchbook for Christmas, which I cherish now. Because of her small encouragement, I’m trying my best to get back on my drawing!

My first drawing in my new sketchbook (which, of course, was a homage to Mob Psycho 100)

  • Be healthier overall (exercise, eating better, etc.)

    • All of the stress and studying during exams back in first semester destroyed my health because I stopped eating properly.
    • I barely exercised and basically sat around all day reading over my notes.
    • Now, I’m going to stretch more, use the stairs, incorporate more greens in my diet, and take small steps to a healthier lifestyle!
  • Build a card tower using every card I own:

    • During the break, I got into the hobby of making the tallest card tower I could using my UNO, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and regular cards. It started getting really intense, and now I’m trying my best to use all the cards at my disposal (although at this point, the card tower gets too heavy and just falls…hopefully I can find my way around that!
    • Here’s my little snap run showing my progress over the break (I’m sure my friends started to get sick of them, hahaha):


Got any resolutions? Or are you thinking about just going with the flow? Share in the comments below!


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