Poet’s Corner: “This Bird”

I am a writer.

While I am many things, this fact is undeniable. I own over three journals (most of which I’ve filled) and I take any chance I can to scribble a few lines on a scrap piece of paper, which I transfer to my main journal later. I write almost every night, between classes, on the bus, pretty much every chance I get (and yet, you wonder why I never update my fanfiction…).


What exactly do I write? Fanfiction (yes, yes, I know…), poetry, musings, and rantings make up the bulk of the journals, but there are a few quotes and inspirational lines scribbled down as well. Call it a stress reliever, or something to calm my overactive imagination, or something to vent my feelings into, but daily writing definitely helps keep me calm.

As a result of years of writing, I have journals chock full of stuff I’ve always wanted to share: namely, poetry. These poems I’ve written from the bottom of my heart, whether in the span of a month or just an hour before a friend’s birthday party.

I’d love to share these poems with you all, and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I loved writing them!
The following poem is something I’d written for a friend’s birthday fairly recently. As you’ll be able to tell by the poem, I love birds. I LOVE THEM.

How can birds NOT inspire you to write a poem? Just look at them!

This Bird
It was raining harshly that afternoon,
When I saw it.
A bird.
The bird.
I could only steal a glance and it was gone,
But that fleeting moment stayed in my memory.
I rushed out of that harsh rain,
And as I trudged back home wet,
The thoughts began to set,
So I dried myself off, and yet,
It wouldn’t leave my head.
That bird.
Grey in the darkness but so colourful in my mind,
And I recall the look in its eyes,
Lacking the coldness that birds eyes usually have,
No, in this bird’s eyes,
There was warmth.
That one fleeting moment got me thinking.
It got me thinking about many things, but there was one thing that stood out.
And in some ways, she herself is a bird.
Like a bird, she flutters.
Flutters to and fro like a busy bluebird or frantic finch,
She’s got to get things done and she won’t let a little rain stop her.
Like a bird, like a rainbow bird,
Her colours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, make you think and visualize, and your eyes cannot believe what you are seeing,
Because no bird can be this beautiful, no bird can evoke such thought,
No bird can be so busy yet so bubbly at the same time,
No, this bird retains her happiness through times of distress.
This bird, this bird is different.
Like the bird I saw, there is warmth in her.
There always is.
Warm like chai with carnation milk,
Like soft oranges and passionate reds,
Like a warm bird she’s always willing to fluff her feathers and entertain the guests she warmly welcomes into her nest,
This bird,
Is like no other bird.
She’s not like the budgies I’ve adored so much,
No, she has no owner, she’s free.
No burdens, no burning grudges against creatures who’ve wronged, no,
She’s pure, like a
White dove, like a
Chickadee that’s been washed clean,
She bears no hatred,
Only love for those close to her.
This bird,
May not be as well-known as the hawk or the goose that so bluntly show themselves
With unwavering confidence,
May not be as mysterious as the owl or the nightingale
So silent in their beauty,
Not as silly as the penguin or as majestic as the swan,
No, this bird is more important than that.
This bird means something to me.
And you know,
They say if you love something set it free,
But its only when you’ve seen this bird’s eyes this bird’s smile this bird’s jokes her laughter her creativity her charm her mere presence,
That you know that the statement’s a lie,
Because all I want to do is keep her close to me,
Locked her in a cage and keep her to myself,
Let her beauty fill my life,
But no,
This bird,
This bird is too important for that.
I want to cage her and I know that it’s cruel,
Schools keep us apart, yes I know that that’s true,
But her beauty must spread, her influence must, too.
She must fill our lives with the perfectly positive presence she possesses.
Us grey birds need colour and she’s there to provide it,
Like that grey bird I saw,
A fleeting second is enough.
Enough to cause a tumble of thought,
Enough to get you thinking,
Enough to make a difference.
And so,
Even though it caused tears and pain I opened that cage door and let you go,
And I’ll wander to the garden ever so often,
On the rainiest of rainy days,
And surely I’ll see you sitting,
With your grey feathers full of colour,
And your eyes full of warmth,
And that’ll get me thinking about you,
And suddenly the rain won’t feel so harsh anymore.

Do you have a friend’s birthday coming up? Why not write them a poem? No matter how good or how bad, they’re definitely going to appreciate the careful thought you put into it!

Stay tuned for more poetry!


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